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    Home & Small Offices:
Home office network includes any network of five computers or less. Conveniently located in center of Houston, USITPro LLC Network specialists are available six day a week to fulfill your networking needs. Home Office Networking is good for small offices that want to share their company files and have different people making modifications on one file at the same time, share a printer, and also have backups of their important files on a daily basis.
How does it work?
Once a request is submitted, one of our network specialists will contact you and will setup an appointment to come to the site and perform a survey. Once the survey is done, you will be given consultation on what package you would need to have or if you need any extra security for the network depending on the type of industry.
Consultation fee is $150; however, if you decided to go with any of our networking packages, we will wave that fee.
**Firewall recommendations also will be given with different options. (Price may vary)**
What if I have a problem and I only want trouble shooting?
If a problem exist in your network, and you would like to have only trouble shooting done to resolve the issue, simply call our technical support, and describe the problem, and one of our network specialist will be dispatched onsite to resolve the problem. Pricing will be given prior to proceeding trouble shooting.
Our Packages:
Basic network setup:
includes setting up a router if none onsite, and connecting the computers to internet, Printer Sharing and File Sharing.
The premium package:
Includes the basic package, and managing file sharing. That means there will be a master computer having access to all files and folders, and other computers are defined to have access only to the files that they are intended to. This feature will allow each employee to have access to the files that they are supposed to, however preventing them from accessing other sensitive files.
Gold package:
Includes the premium package, and backing up files. This process can be done in two ways. One way is setting up a server to manage the files and applications on the network. A server has the ability to perform schedule automated backups of any specified files or folders. Please see our
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