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Development & Integration

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    Rebuilt   Improvement                           A Different View of Web Marketing

One of the Services that separate USITPRO LLC, from most of the Information Technology Companies is our expertise on Web Marketing. Our goal is to create an strategy of marketing fitting the budget of the business to take a business to its .next level. Getting any type of traffic, however, does not do any website any good.

The Key is to get your website to the network of audience that has a  strong potential to be your future customer.

  Development Story:
 RFID smart scanning system 

RFID is perfect solution for businesses with large inventory system. Whether there is one gate or 50, RFID solution fits into your warehouse to take control of what comes in and goes out.
  Network Packages

USITPRO LLC provides special integrated networking packages that combines server setup along setting up the network, all in one cost-effective package.

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USITPRO is open to accept challenges and problems yet to be solved.Our engineers have the capability of taking over unfinished projects as well as providing consultation to existing team in place.

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Consultation of an Existing System

If the existing system or software of your business has problems and bugs, and such problems are interfering with your businesses’ every day operation, and because of the wrong architecture of your overall system you are not able to add a new sub system, then you have come to the right place.
Our main focus is to provide a detailed report of the bugs and problems of the system, system architecture, its compatibility with other existing applications or the new applications being added to the system.

Website Consultation
The most important purpose of a Website and online marketing is to sell the product or services it presents. If you think that your Website is not reaching its full potential or it dose not sell, we can find out why and tell you how to fix it.
System Integration
USITPRO LLC as a system integrator provides costumers new customized systems based on their needs and requests by linking together different computing systems, software applications and electronic devices physically and functionally.
Home and Small Office Network
Home Office Networking includes any network of five computers or less and is good for small offices that want to share their company files , share a printer, and also have backups of their important files on a daily basis.
Your ideas are valuable to us

We invite you to submit your ideas, and we will develop them based on a even share partnership on the results.             more...

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Become our referring agent,  and receive 10%Commission on  the products or services  offered to the client.               more... 

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Please submit your company’s information and Join our network of professionals to serve our customers when it comes  referring them to a other companies.                           more... 

Local Services 

USITPRO LLC Provides the best website design,web application devlopment ,search engine optimization,home & small office network design /  redesign, Software  and Hardware consultation,software and system development services in Houston Texas.




Houston , TX 77057