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Project duration:  Varies


Pakage Overview:

E-Commerce is basically short for electronic commerce, and is the process of buying and selling on-line and receiving payments for goods or services on-line. this pakage provides you full     futures E-Commerce website that you can sell on-line.we set up a merchant account for your website enables your business to accept payments by credit card online


With an e-commerce website your business is open 24-7 and can make sales even when you are not in the office, as well as extending access to the global market at minimal cost. It ultimately, allows you to open sales doors you never thought you could open and increase the size of the marketplace you deliver your product to. E-Commerce systems can be as simple as letting your customers pay for an invoice online.

Real-time Credit Card payment gateway:

Real-time reduces administration costs because there is no need to manually process the credit card details. All processing is completed, securely, in real-time via the website, which contacts your customers bank to check for available funds and once it has verified that funds are available it transfers the funds directly into your account.

How it Works

There are two main areas that make up the e-Commerce component of your business.

  • Online shopping, e.g. an order form, booking form or shopping cart system that allows potential customers to select a product or service and purchase securely on-line
  • Ensuring that customer information, orders and payments are securely transmitted from customer to merchant. e.g. a real-time internet payment gateway or product which securely transmits order details to you.

What is a Merchant Account? (Where does the money go from my website?)

Once the payment is made by a customer, the funds will be transferred to your business account using a merchant account. A merchant account is a special bank account that enables your business to accept payments by credit card either manually or in real time. Some of the services available include comprehensive product catalogues, full online ordering capability, product search, secure online payment facility and online inventory capabilities

Domain name:
Domain name is either provided by the client or we will look for available domains. Client will pay for domain, however, this service is provided FREE of charge.
We will setup the hosting for your website. There will be a monthly fee that will be between the hosting company and the client. This service is also provided FREE of charge.
Three eye-catching unique custom designed layout options from which you can choose your final design.
Admin page:
This is a secure page where you can add new items, descriptions, picture, and banners to your website or make modifications to your existing data .
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